Online Casino – A Global Phenomenon

Online Casino over the past five years has taken off in a big way, and now operates as big business on a global scale.

The recent ongoing news reports on recent legislation changes in New Jersey, legalising online casino when partnered with a land based entity. One of which being Betfair forming a partnership with Trump Resorts. This of course is subject to change as with most deals formed within the gaming industry.

How far does Online Gaming stretch?

Online Gaming, the most preferred way by many to describe the activity, as generally online gambling is frowned upon, yet is essentially the same thing. Well the reach of online gaming has for some time now cast a very large net. This is largely due to the targeting and the lack of understanding as to what can and can’t be done.

Nowadays, you don’t have to play an Andy Garcia type of character in Ocean’s Eleven to own your own casino, you can simply grab a readymade, out of the box solution which you can then put to market. These are often referred to as white labels or turnkey solutions. Companies that have everything you need already, including sports betting, online casino, live casino, online poker, etc. All you need to then do is to create a brand, i.e. – and market like you’ve never marketed before!

Sounds a bit too easy – what are the restrictions?

Well largely this depends a lot on your ethics, as if the white label provider you choose has a licence which is white listed by a major territory, i.e. the United Kingdom, you have the ability to run display campaigns with major names like MSN and the like, and possibly even a TV advertising campaign in the later hours of the day. Budget permitting of course!

Long gone are the days where the only viable option to starting your own bookmaking business or online casino would cost you millions. Now you’re in a position where you can buy an entire operation for a minimal cost. So if you have ambitions of creating an Australia Casino or an Indian Casino, then this gives you a pretty feasible way to operate.

All in all, the reach of online casino gaming stretches so far, that it could most likely circle the world more than once! Most white label providers will allow you to accept players globally except for the U.S. and U.S. regulated territories.