Move Away to the Sun?

What would you do if you won a huge lottery prize? Some people have actually retained their anonymity but it is difficult to know how they have managed it. Others have handled the situation well, remained in the area where they have always lived and seem quite settled. There is an argument that says it is wrong to move away completely because there is no certainty of people actually settling in a completely new environment.

So much depends upon the individual involved. Someone who is already fairly well travelled is likely to have plenty of ideas about a place in which they could settle down full time. Remember there may be good reasons to move away from home rather than simply getting a holiday home for regular visits.

First Step

You have to give yourself a chance of winning first of all and increasingly people are doing that by opening online accounts with companies like elite lotto UK. Once an account has been opened and the payment schedule organised they can forget about it until the good news comes. Some will dream of course but which destination should they dream about?


Many people think of the blue seas and white sands of tropical islands. The Caribbean would be the choice of many but whether they would tire of the wonderful views in time would be a question worth considering. With enough money they could move on again of course but it is always nice to have a permanent base.

There are places in Europe that many rich and famous people select. Monte Carlo comes to mind immediately and several opt for various places in Switzerland. There is the issue of winter weather in these places. Perhaps they should go further afield and live in Dubai which has developed to cater for luxury. The temperatures in the summer however are extremely high. Do you really want to live a life in air conditioning for long periods of the summer?

Multiple Properties

Obviously people with great wealth have plenty of choice. They may decide that they can maintain a few properties. A recent study suggests that the big winners in the UK have bought an average of 2.7 houses since their wins. It does mean that they can avoid European winters if they wish and perhaps head for that white sand also. At the same time a luxury city apartment definitely has its advantages for those who enjoy night life, culture and being around people, though not in the spotlight.

It would be a nice problem to have, deciding on places in the world to buy a house. Dream away but in the meantime make sure you are in the lottery every week. If you are not in it, you can’t win it.