With a large amount of websites out there, it is quite a tough task to find the best online casino for Australians. We spent a lot of time and effort going through all of the different attributes of all the casino sites to find which ones we felt we at the top of their game. Our list below shows the true champions of the online casino world.

Best Online Casino Websites

Our #1 pick of bet online casino award! Spin palace is just an all round winner. They have a fantastic starting bonus of $1000, a huge amount of entertaining games including some of the most awesome movie inspired pokies, 24×7 support and a massive amount of players. If you find a better play to WIN BIG MONEY, i’ll eat my shoe!

Tons of games to suit everyones tastes, high quality game content including pokies with built in mini games and a $750 sign up bonus! There isn’t many online casino sites that have a tick in every box, but this is one of them.

Mummys Gold has one of the best payout rates on the internet. This alone makes it a fantastic place to play. Not only are their payout rates at 95%, their games are high quality and progressive jackpots big. If you want to be looked after in style, they have a VIP section too for you high rollers.

The reason we chose these as our best online casino websites is for various reasons. Mainly for their huge amount of awesome games but we wanted to make sure they supported Australian players by offering Australian dollar deposits. We had the opportunity to deposit in many different ways with these three casinos and all of which supported Australian currency.

They all have the best levels of support for their players, offering around the clock support through live chat, email and phone. One of the best ways to see wether or not an online casino supports Australians properly is if they offer a toll free number we can call through on. Every single online casino is international for us, so having the ability to pick up the phone and call someone, knowing it’s not going to cost us an arm and a leg is truly a great asset to have.

These three sites spin palace, ruby fortune and mummys gold all offer great welcome bonuses specifically for Australian players. It is also in Australian currency in their promotion which proves that they are dedicated to the Aussie players! Between $500 and $1000 is a HUGE bonus for anyone wanting to play with them. Most Casinos don’t offer that much, and often cap the welcome bonus at under $200. I guess thats why the best online casino sites we chose stopped at 3

How to choose the best online casino for you

The way we chose our best online casino sites might not be the way you would choose yours to play on. We have our own agenda and things that we like, which might not suit you for what you are looking for.

For us, the main things we looked for are welcome bonus, game amount, support and the acceptance of Australian currency. Here are a few other things you could look out for that could also be considered important when looking for the best online casino for you.

Multiplayer Abilities

Having the ability to play games like poker multiplayer create a whole new level of gameplay. This can make the game much more exciting, as you a replaying against real humans and not computer opponents. This also makes people feel much better about winning and losing as they cannot get ripped off when other players who have paid to play are the opponents. There are also inbuilt chats into some of the lobbies of some games like poker, so you can actually talk to some of the players on your table. This gives you a great chance to mingle with people who have the same interests as you and share a few laughs.

Web Based Or Downloadable Software

Some of the best online casino games are played by downloading software onto your computer. This allows the casino companies to create much better games that are much more interactive, have better graphics and are way more enjoyable to play for the player. This may not be an option for you for a few different reasons. Maybe you don’t have a good computer or you like to play on the go which means a web based version would suit you better. The web based casino games have come a very long way and are still great fun, but they have their limitations. Be aware of them when you are looking for an online casino.

Mobile Phone Play

These days we all have smart phones. A lot of us travel for work and are always busy and out of the house. This can be quite frustrating as if you wanted to play your favourite casino games you would have to have a laptop on you all the time. Having the ability to play games from your mobile phone means that you don’t have to carry a clunky heavy laptop around and can simply whip out your phone any time you want some casino action. Since the birth of the new smart phones like iPhone and Android, the online casino sites have catered to the mobile players very well. Almost all of the casinos should have some sort of mobile play so no matter where you are you can jump online and have a chance to win some big cash!

No matter what sort of things you are looking for when trying to find that best online casino, make sure you try out a few before you settle with one. You never know what you might be missing out on at another site, as they are all unique in their own way and have all their own games.